Ground Leveling and Grading Sacramento area California

If you are looking for a company that does ground leveling and grading in Sacramento area , we can assist you. Looking to totally revamp your yard or need a level playing field to build on top of? We can clear land and level it for new landscaping, hardscaping, deck building, new constructions and remodels or anything in between. From grading to land leveling we can help. No mater if it's a more elaborate grading project or a simple adjustment to correct topographical flaws, we will apply our thorough understanding of drainage and water run-off to expertly grade or level your property. And as always we leave a clean appearance at the jobsite when we complete a project near a street with our sweeping and pressure washing service. Contact us now for leveling and grading services for the entire Sacramento Metro Area.

1st Choice Construction Services prides itself on being top provider for site preparation contractors. We not only provide quality demolition services, we take the next step to grade and level your site to prepare it for new construction.

Our grading projects are accomplished with the same level of quality and safety as all of our other work. We have experience and knowledge in a wide array of procedures to ensure your project is successful, including mass excavation,
over-excavation & compaction, back-fill and finish grading.

Project experience includes commercial, multifamily-residential and residential homes of any size.

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